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Kogatana, Shirasaya
Yamato no kami Motohira
[ Signature ] omote : "奥大和守平朝臣元平七十八歳" ura : -
[ Size ] Total length of kogatana : 21,5cm, blade length 12,5cm ( 4 sun 1 bu 2 rin), moto-haba 1,11cm, moto-kasane 0,24 cm, blade weight 16,4g , shirasaya length 24,6cm
[ Period ] Edo, later half of
[ Province ] Satsuma

[ Feature ]
Form : Kogatana-machi is not so remarkable. Saki-haba does not decrese so much.
Nakago : -
Jigane : Well grained, masa tone shown.
Hamon : It shows konotare, ko-gunomes mixed. Sunagashi appeared.
Boushi : It runs in yaki-tsume shape.

First generation OKU Motohira was a swordsmith of Satsuma clan, legitimate child of OKU Motonao. He was called commonly as Kôzaemon. He was born in Enkyô 1(1744). As well as Hôki-no-kami Masayoshi, he was the best two in Satsuma shin-shin-tô swordsmith. In Kansei "寛政" 1, he was appointed as Yamato-no-kami. There are time stamps nenki from Meiwa "明和" (1764 - 1772) through Bunsei "文政" (1818-1830). His decease day was 15th July Bunsei "文政" 9(1826), 83 years old.

[ Highlight ]
Generous and rich form shows Motohira's characteristics. Well grained, masa tone jigane. Nioikuchi is remarkable. Bright norare-midare hamon. Concentrated nie particles, yakitsume shape boushi is also highlight.

[ Conditions ] It has polished recently. Both kogatana and shirasaya maitain excellent conditions.

[ Attachments ] Shirasaya.
[ Item number ] A141217 [ Price ] SOLD

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