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Tanto, Shirasaya, Koshirae
Fujiwara Korekazu, 8th generation
[ Signature ] omote : "藤原是一作" ura : -
[ Size ] Blade length 24.8cm (8 sun 2 bu 0 rin), sori 0cm ( - ), moto-haba 2.79cm, moto-kasane 1.79cm, mekugi-ana(hole) 1, blade weight 546.5g , shirasaya length 42.5cm, koshirae length 53cm
[ Period ] Meiji "明治"
[ Province ] Tokyo "東京"

[ Feature ]
Form : HIra-zukuri. Iori-mune. Kasane is so thick. No sori attached. Form is with the sense of heaviness.
Nakago : Ubu. Yasurimes are suji-kais and keshô. Saki is kuri-jiri. One hole.
Engravings : Suken"素剣" on mune.
Jigane : Ko-itame-hada well grained. Jinie attached.
Hamon : Notare, ko-gunomes mixed. Ko-ashis, deep nioi appeared. Nie attached well. Kin-sujis, nie-sujis, sunagashis, yu-bashiris appeared.
Boushi : It runs in sugu. Form is ko-maru. Saki shape is haki-kake. It turns deep.

Koshirae : Shu-urushi-nuri chî-sa-gatana koshirae : all metal fittings "総金具" oboro-gin silver migaki-ji, no signature ; menuki : shape of pot shape bamboo hat, shakudô-nanako-ji, gold-iroe, design of clouds and dragon ; ko-zuka : brass migaki-ji, shakudô finish, sumon, (ura) gold plating ; tsuba : hamidashi-gata shape, with shakudô ô-seppa ; tsuka : shiro-same-gise, shiro-ito kumiage-maki wrapping

"朱漆塗鞘小さ刀拵 : 総金具 朧銀磨地 素文 無銘、目貫 壺笠形 赤銅魚々地 金色絵 雲龍図、 小柄 真鍮磨地 赤銅仕上げ 素文 裏金鍍金、鐔 喰出形 赤銅大切羽付、柄 白鮫着 巻 白糸組上巻"

[ Highlight ]
Eighth generation Korekazu "是一" was a son of 7th generation Unjyu Korekazu "運寿是一", who was a second son of Chôun-sai Tsunatoshi "長運斎綱俊" . He was called Kô-ichi "光一". It seemed that he created the swords in Meiji "明治" period mainly. Jingane's forged surface has been well organized, jinie attached well. In hamon, notare-midare in nie-deki, sunagashis and yu-bashiris appeared. Nioikuchi is so clear. Very powerful and filled with spirit. Extreamly thick in its thickness, it is so original that the suken engrabed on the mune. And is is also excel in its workmanship. There is a sword with the signature "明治廿一年八月日石堂藤原是一作 明治廿一年八月日石堂藤原光一精鍛之". He died on 29th October Meiji 24(1891), 49 years old. His father Korekazu "是一" died on 24th November in same year, 73 or 75years old. This sword proves that 8th generation Korekazu "是一" of Sekidô family succeeded the sword creation technique even after the ban for ordinal men carrying the swords in public "廃刀令" and had enthusiasm for aiming incomparable swords creation. Not so many in numbers swordsmiths in Meiji period, it is one of precious object to know the movement.

[ Conditions ]

[ Attachments ]
Habaki (suaka-ji, gold foiled, single), shirasaya, bag of shirasaya, koshirae, bag of koshirae, and NBTHK a) Hozon b) Hozon tôsôgu papers ( a) issued on 6th August Heisei 10(1998), b) issued on 21st Oct. Heisei 10(1998))

[ Item number ] A010120 [ Price ] JPY 800,000 (shipping and insurance fee are not included)

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