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Tanto, Shirasaya
Sekishu Nagahama
[ Signature ] mei(omote) - (ura) Sekishu Nagahama
[ Size ] Blade length 27,2cm (8 sun 9 bun 7 rin), sori 0cm( - ), moto- haba 2,66cm, mune-moto-kasane 0,61cm, mekugi-ana(hole) 1, blade weight 161,5g , shirasaya length 46cm
[ Period ] Muromachi, end of
[ Province ] Iwami

[ Feature ]
Form : Hira-zukuri, Iori-mune. Mihaba and kasane are both ordinal tanto.
Nakago : Ubu. Yasurimes are kattesagari. Saki is kurijiri. One hole. A little sori attached. Munemachi is advanced (machi-okuri) about 0,303cm.
Jigane : Itame hada in nagare-gokoro. For ha side, it shows masa style. Jinie attached. Jifu-utsuri appear apparently.
Hamon : Hoso-sugu-ha. A little shallow notare and fine nies attached. There are hakikakes.
Boushi : It runs in hakikake. It turns in komaru.  
Swordsmith of Nagahama Sekishu flourished at Nagahama Iwami province from beginning to end of Muromachi period. Fine quality swords which used the steel produced at Sekishu province were highly demanded from abroad as well. It is said that a lot of swords were exported to China and Korea.

There are signatures which follow "Sekishu-ju" :
貞綱 Sadatsuna, 祥末 Yoshisue, 林喜 Moriyoshi, 忠継 Tadatsugu, 次弘 Tsuguhiro, 弘末 Hirosue, 貞末 Sadasue, 兼長 Kanenaga, 兼定 Kanesada, 兼祥 Kaneyoshi, 宗弘 Munehiro, 宗俊 Munetoshi, 宗継 Munetsugu, 元貞 Motosada, 昌貞 Masasada, 増重 Masushige, 正綱 Masatsuna, 正賢(まさたか) Masataka, 正信 Masanobu, 正永 Masanaga, 正元 Masamoto, 国吉 Kuniyoshi, 清継 Kiyotsugu, 清延 Kiyonobu, 弘綱 Hirotsuna, 弘永 Hironaga, 長次 Nagatsugu, 直有 Naoari, 直助 Naosuke, 直友 Naotomo, 直米 Naoyone, 諶貞(のぶさだ) Nobusada, 定弘 Sadahiro, 貞広 Sadahiro, 貞弘 Sadahiro, 貞元 Sadamoto, 貞次 Sadatsugu, 真有 Saneari, 真包 Sanekane, 重正 Shigemasa, 末定 Suesada, 末継 Suetsugu, 末綱 Suetsuna, 末祥 Sueyoshi, 季久 Suehisa, 季定 Suesada, 助吉 Sukeyoshi, 放末 Sukesue, 豊弘 Toyohiro, 次弘 Tsuguhiro, 義弘 Yoshihiro, 綱久 Tsunahisa, 康平 Yasuhira, 吉末 Yoshisue, 吉真 Yoshizane, etc.

There has been a monument in honour of them rendered great service for swords creation at Hô-do-ji-yama park, Nanagahama town, Hamada city, Shimane prefecture disclosed on 3rd November Showa 50(1975). Regarding the establishment of the stone monument , on the sword magazine "To-en" (vol.12, #5 issued on 25th May Showa 51(1976)), Mr. ASO Fukuto showed his article, titled "The swordsmith of Sekishu Nagahama"

" The port of Nagahama in middle age, it was important point, so that it flourished trading as back up of Su-u-shi clan. Swordsmith of Nagahama used the tamahagane, produced at Sekishu province. They made many fine swords to meet the demands both from domestic and foreign.
The number of swordsmith counted one hundred and several tens during Ouei-Bunroku periods.
The place of Nagahama was one of major place of swords making in San-in-do way, due to decline of Su-u-shi clan in Ganki 1(1570), they scattered away. Many swordsmith created a lot of cultural heritage at this place, however, now, most people forget the fact itself. It is totally pity. Here, we establish the stone monument in order to memorize and honour their activities".

Referenced materials : Web site of Hamada city, Shimane pref. , "Index of Japanese Swordsmith" (Mr. Markus Sesko), "Swordsmith of Sekishu Nagahama" (ASO Fukuto, To-en swords magazine, vol. 12, #5)

[ Highlight ] The tanto which has tasteful feature, such as the development of sword shape similar to Sue-bizen, itame-nagare jigane which has jifus-utusri, the hataraki of nie in suguha.

The vivid image of flourished period of Sekishu Nagahama swordsmith emerged from the record and document, such as the Sekishu Nagahana swordsmith stone monument which established by sword lovers in Showa period, the essay and photos by Mr. ASO Fukuto. The sword has no specific signature but "Sekishu-Nagahama".

[ Conditions ] There is a small flaw 1cm below machi(-shita) of hiraji. A little hikes(scratches) are observed but it is not significant. It can be conserved and appreciated as it is.

[ Attachments ] Wooden habaki, shirasaya, bag of shirasaya and NBTHK Hozon token paper (issued on 9th August Heisei 16(2004))

[ Item number ] A130616 [ Price ] JPY 160.000-

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