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Tanto, Koshirae
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[ Size ] Lenght of blade 27,4cm (9 sun 0 bu 4 rin), sori 0.4cm (1 bu 3 rin ), moto-haba 3,06 cm, moto-kasane 0,64 cm, saki-kasane 0,39 cm, mekugi-ana(tholes) 2, weight of blade 319,5g , lenght of koshirae 44,2cm
[ Periode ] Muromachi
[ Province ] Unknown

[ Feature ]
Form : Sho-bu-zukuri, iori-mune. Mihaba(width) is a little wide. Kasane(thickness) is normal. A little sori attached. Saki is a little wide.

Nakago : Suriage. Yasurimes are sujikais. Saki is ili-yama-gata. Two holes.
Jigane : Well grained. Koitame-hada. Fine chikei appeared.
Hamon : Chu-suguha with nioikuchi stands.
Boushi : It turns with o-maru.

Dashi-zame-zuka kuroro-iro-nuri kogatana koshirae :
Tsuba : Hamidashi-tsuba( iron base, in brass inlay), Tumbling doll and Writing brush( suaka-ji taka-bori kin-gin-iroe), Balustrade insect eating (suaka-ji taka-bori kin-iroe)
Menuki : Mouse ( shaku-do-ji katachi-bori)

[ Hightlight ] There was a anánecdòte, Sesshu Zen priest when he was a child, his drawing by her tears was so great that it looked like life. Then he was allowed to draw without interruption by his elders. It is impressive full kashira of drawn Daruma. In fuchi, long thick brush writing pile is drawn dynamically. Menuki has charming playing mouse. The support Rankan which Gyo-ho-jyu drawn realistically in the texture of wood. The vitality of insects are shown.

Tastefull koshirae that well coordinated with metal fittings with Zen image pattern. Brown color and aged Nurizaya is also harmonized.
The tanto blade, which is suriage ko-wakizashi with a wide mihaba and solid form. Rusts may be removed by polishing. You can ask for advice.

[ Conditions ] Blade: small rust observed Hasaki around Monouchi and shinogi-ji to kissaki of ura. small scratches observed shinogi-suji-ue above 3-5cm of machi and above hiraji 7cm machi. Some discolorations, like traces of fingerprints, pale whitish part observed.
Koshirae: Part repaired on Kurigata. Nuri-saya has scratches and cracks. Take off from urushi is a little. Koikuchi is a little loose. It is not fragile. It can be kept as it is.

[ Attachments ] Simple habaki brass, koshirae and koshirae bag.

[ Item number ] A070516 [ Price ] JPY 120.000 ( shipping and insurance fees are not included in the price).

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