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Wakizashi, Shirasaya
[ Signature ] omote : no signature ura : -
[ Size ] Blade length 55,4cm (1 shaku 8 sun 2 bu 8 rin), sori 1,5cm (4 bu 9 rin), moto-haba 2,78cm, moto-kasane 0,57cm, saki-haba 1,94 cm, saki-kasane 0,37 cm, mekugi-ana(hole) 1, blade weight 470g , shirasaya length 75cm
[ Period ] Muromachi, the last period
[ Province ] -

[ Feature ]
Form : Shinogi-zukuri. Iori-mune. Both mihaba and kasane are ordinal. High shinogi and tori-i-sori attached. Chû-kissaki extended form.
Nakago : Ubu. Yasurimes are kiri. Saki is kuri-jiri. One hole.
Jigane : Itame-hada with nagare. Jinie attached. Shirake-utsuri is remarkable.
Hamon : In notare-hamon, gunomes, saka-gokoro gunomes, and togari-bas mixed. Ashi appeared. Nioi based mura-nie attached. Sunagashis appeared.
Boushi : (omote) it runs in midare-komi. Saki is haki-kake. (ura) It runs in shallow notare. Then it turns in togari-gokoro. Saki is haki-kake.

[ Highlight ]
It has smart but sturdy form as well. Jigane is itame-nagare. Shinogi-ji is masame. As hamon composure, it looks similar on omote and ura side. In nioi and nie, there are some unevenness and lost its shape but habuchi is tight in soft, remarkable. Upper part have some saka-gokoro, a vigorous style.

[ Conditions ] There is shinae, around mounouchi of omote side, a little lower part , there is a kitae-ware on shinogi-ji. A tip at kissaki. A tiny tip on fukura, 4cm above machi-ue.

[ Attachments ] Habaki (suaka-ji, gold colored, double), shirasya and bag of shirasaya.

[ Item number ] A060818 [ Price ] JPY 80.000 (shipping and insurance fee are not included)

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