Touken Komachi

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Katana, Koshirae
[ Signature ] mei (omote) Tomoshige
[ Size ] Blade length 69,6cm (2 shaku 2 sun 9 bu 7 rin), sori 2,1cm (6 bu 9 rin), moto-haba 2,95cm, shinogi-moto-kasane 0,75cm, mune-moto-kasane 0,54cm, saki-haba 1,98cm, saki-kasane 0,6cm, mekugi-ana(holes) 3, blade weight 549,5g , shirasaya length 100cm, koshirae length 103cm
[ Period ] Muromachi, first half of
[ Province ] Kaga
[ Feature ]
Form : Shinogi-zukuri, iori-mune. Mihaba is ordinal. Shinogi-suji is high. A little saki-zori attached. Chukissaki, and fukura becoming "kareru".
Nakago : It is suriage. Yasurimes are kattesagari (old), and kiri (new). Saki is kiri. Three holes.
Jigane : Ko-itame-hada. Well grained. Jinies attached.
Hamon : Ko-gunome-midare. Ashi and sunagashi appeared. Konies attached.
Boushi : It is in somehow in Jizo style.

Tomoshige started his school in Nan-boku-cho period. First generation FUJISHIMA Tomoshige was the founder of the school in Kaga. He was a student of Rai Kunitoshi. Tomoshige school continued the generations to Edo period. Rikugun (Imperial Army of Japan) "kyu-hachi-shiki" gunto (army sword) koshirae: There is a family crest sagari-huji (Wisteria) at kabutogane.

[ Highlights ] Following features such as smooth jigane, evenly attached nie in komidare hamon, even though suriage, there is width difference between saki and moto, around koshimoto, deep sori attached to current form, they remind us tasteful original old tachi form in 2 Shaku 5 sun long. Overcoming the Sengoku period, crossed the Edo period, and the sword set into the official army koshirae of imperial Japan in type Showa 13. There are five hundred years till today, the sword was conserved. It is precious that mitsu-kado keeps good looking, the good form of kissaki, clarity of boushi, keeping old style and air. It heritaged as precious sword generation to generation.

[ Conditions ] On the front surface of blade, there are ; part of rough jiganes, a small scratch, and shinae in the middle of shinogi-ji. The polishing condition is very good. There is a bit of a rough surface on saya(sheath) of koshirae. Sur un "tô-cho" (chaîne), il y a un point de coupure et de deux points de la pièce réparée.
[ Attachments ] Double habaki (suaka-ji silver cover) and a koshirae.

[ Item number ] A060516 [ Price ] JPY 250.000 ( shipping and insurance fees are not included).

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