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A set of 3 Kogatanas
[ Signature ] : a) Signed as "Shume-no-kami Ichinohira Yasuyo"
b) Senshu Sakai kaji-tsukasa korewo tsukuru
c) Signed as "Awataguchi Ikkan ko Tadatsuna"

[ Size ] : a) Total length 20.5cm( 6 bu 7 rin ), blade length 11.9cm( 3 bu 9 rin ), moto-haba 1.14cm, moto-kasane 0.21cm, blade weight 12.5g
b) Total length 18.4cm( 6 bu 0 rin ), blade length 10.09cm( 3 bu 3 rin ), moto-haba 1.09cm, moto-kasane 0.18cm, blade weight 10.0g
c) Total length 17.3cm( 5 bu 7 rin ), blade length 11.8cm( 3 bu 8 rin ), moto-haba 1.26cm, moto-kasane 0.18cm, blade weight 12.0g
[ Period ] Edo

[ Feature ] A set of kogatanas, composed of three different length and swordsmith. They can be used as "kozuka-ho" of koshiraes, or paper knives. Each characteristics can be apprecaited in comparaison.
[ Conditions ] "Senshu Sakai-kaji-tsukasa korewo tsukuru" has already polished. Other two tantos have pein rusts on surface. No shirasayas attached.

[ Item number ] A040416 [ Price ] JPY 30.000( shipping and insurance fees are not included in the price)

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