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Wakizashi, Shirasaya
Izumi no kami Rai Kinmichi
[ Signature ] omote : (Kiku-mon) Izumi-no-kami Rai Kinmichi ura : -
[ Size ] Blade length 53,6cm (1 shaku 7 sun 7 bu), sori 0,9cm (3 bu), moto-haba 3,13cm, moto-kasane 0,66cm, saki-haba 2,24 cm, saki-kasane 0,45cm , mekugi-ana(hole) 1, blade weight 490g , shirasaya length 75cm
[ Period ] Edo, first half of
[ Province ] Yamashiro

[ Feature ]
Form : Shinogi-zukuri, iori-mune. Mihaba is relatively wide. Kasane is ordinal. A little sori attached. Chukissaki form.
Nakago : Ubu. Yasurimes are suji-kais. Saki is ha-agari, kuri-jiri. A ura-kiku-mon is above mekgji-ana of sashi-omote. A naga-mei(long signature) under mekugi-ana. One hole.
Jigane : Itame-hada. A little "hada-tatsu". It shows "nagare-gokoro". Jinie attached well. Chikei appeared.
Hamon : Yakidashi starts in sugu but a little short. In ô-gunomes and square "ha"s, sequneced ko-gunomes mixed with ko-ashis. Konies attached in nioi-kuchi shimari-gokoro. Yaki haba becomes wider, around mono-uchi, nie attached well, then kin-suji, sunagashi and yu-bashiris are appeared.
Boushi : Running in shallow notare. Saki shows a little hakikake. It turns in komaru.

In a book which showed Iga-no-kami Kinmichi family tree, titled in "Kin-michi-kei-zu", only first generation mentioned. According with the book, it showed "in order to revive the Rai family, I chiseled the signature Rai". In the book "Kokon Kaji-Bike", first generation received honored title around Kanei era, but in general, it was said that he received Izumi-no-kami in Bunroku 4.

First generation's remaining swords are not many. Apart from opinion division of first and second generations' swords, it was said that second generation received Echigo-no-kami. He was conferred as "Dai-hosshi" and "Hô-kyô". He signed as "Ei-sen" as well. The third generation had the signature "Dai-hossi Hô-kyô Rai Ei-sen". Third generation and after, they had signature "Ei-sen" as well. Third generation created the swords most high in numbers. Forth generation's swords remained few since he died earlier. Many of his created swords was co-forging with third generation. Eldest son of second generation Ô-mi-no-kami Hisamichi, who was younger brother of forth generation Kinmichi, became son-in-law. He was called Chô-shiro. He succeeded fifth generation.

First generation Hisamichi learned under second generation Rai Kinmichi. Then he set up a branch family. Since then there was a relation, Kinmichi family was main family, Hisamichi family was branch family. Each of them made adoptions. The co-working swords by Rai-kinmichi and Hisamichi could be observed .

Fifth generation Izumi-no-kami Rai- Kinmichi was one of honored swordsmith who was ordered to create the swords by 8th Tokugawa Shogunate Yoshimune. He was ordered to create the swords at Kyoto in Kyô-hô 15 as well.

[ Conditions ] Due to "furu-togi" (a time has past since last polishment), it shows tiny rust.

[ Attachments ] Habaki (wooden), shirasaya, bag of shirasaya and NBTHK Hozon paper (issued on 23rd March Heisei 28(2016))

[ Item number ] A021016 [ Price ] JPY 280.000 (shipping and insurance fee are not included)

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