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Kogatana, Shirasaya
Mumei no signature, Rokkasen six grand poets
[ Signature ] omote : no signature ura : -
[ Size ] Blade length 11,4cm (3 sun 7 bu 6 rin), moto-haba 1,19cm, moto-kasane 0,2cm, blade weight 13,7g , shirasaya length 22,7cm
[ Period ] Edo
[ Province ] -

[ Feature ] On well grained jigane, guno-me-bas are tempered. It shows tobiyakis. Boushi runs a little putting the face forward, then turns in round. Nakago's yasurimes are higaki. Saki has been a little shortened.

[ Highlight
Both horimono engravings, jiganes and hamon have many points to be appreciated. It may improve the feeling with appreciating with a magnifier.

[ Conditions ] Excellent.

[ Attachments ] Shirasaya and bag of shirasaya.

[ Item number ] A020418 [ Price ] JPY 55.000 (shipping and insurance fee are not included)

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