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Kogatana in shirasaya
San-ami Nobuie
[ Signature ] San-ami Nobuie
[ Size ] Total length(blade & nakago) 21.6cm, blade length 12.09cm (3 sun 9 bu 9 rin), moto-haba 1.20cm, moto-kasane 0.28cm, blade weight 18g , shirasaya length 25.3cm
[ Period ] Edo
[ Province ] Mino
[ Feature ] Jigane: Koitame-hada is in nagare-gokoro.
Hamon : Suguha with tightened nioikuchi. A little notare mixed, konie attached.
Boushi : It turns in round.
San-ami Nobuie was a swordsmith who worked around Kanbun period in Mino. It was said that he also created the swords in Matsumoto, Shinoano.

[ Highlight ] Nakago length is longer than usual. You can enjoy suguha hamon with shallow notare.

[ Conditions ] Tsuka of shirasaya is a little loose against nakago.
[ Attachments ] : Shirasaya, bag of shirasaya.

[ Item number ] A011015 [ Price ] JPY 53,000- (additional shipping and insurance fee required)

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