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Tanto in shirasaya
[ Signature ] (front) Ugo honjo ju Kuniyoshi saku kore (back): Showa Mizunotoushi-nen hachigatsu kichijitsu
[ Size]
Length: 8 sun 7 bu 4 rin (26.5 cm)
Sori: - cm
Motohaba: 2.17 cm
Sakihaba: - cm
Motokasane: 0.65 cm
Sakikasane: - cm

Mekugi ana hole : 1
Weight : 194g
[ Period ] Showa 48 (1973)
[ Province ] Akita pref.
[ Feature ]

This is a hira-zukuri tanto with a irorimune. Both width and thickness are ordinal. There is a tanto-hi on the omtet, on the ura there is an suken in ukashibori.
The nakago is ubu, tip is a kurijiri, and the yasurime are sujikai and have kesho. There is one mekugi-ana hole.
The jigane is ko-itamehada; nagare-gokoro; there are ji-nie attached, chikei appeared.
The hamon is kogunome choji-midare. There are ashi, nioi, and sunagashi.
The boshi is notare, the tip is a komaru, in hakikake-gokoro and there is a return.

The swordmith Kuniyoshi was born on 1st March Meiji37 (1904), his real name was Kichitaro Suzuki. He worked at Honjo city in Akita prefecture.
He learned from Ka Shibata who came from same prefecture. He had made Gunto from Showa 13 through 20 (1938 - 1945)
In Showa 17 (1942), he learned Master course in Nihonto Gakuin school.
He started to exhibit his sword for fourth newly created Japanese swords exhibition (sponsored by Ministry of Education), then continued to exhibit till Showa 18(1943). He winned silver prize twice and gold prize third times.

After WWII, he exhibited for making swords techinic exhibition in Showa 30 (1955), then succeed to be selected for consequent 14 times till Showa 45(1970).

[ Highlight ]

The matured tanto work on Kuniyoshi's 69 years old. He made the nie-deki hamon with a change and intensity in decent and nice forme.

[ Condition ] There is a tiny flaw in the middle of ha in back(ura) side.

[ Accessories] Single gold painted copper habaki, shirasaya and the sac of shirasaya.
[ Item Code] A080314 [Price] JPY 280,000- (additional shipping cost required)

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