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Yari with Koshirae (tsuka) in shirasaya
O-syu Aizu Shimosaka
[Meibun] : (front) O-syu Aizu Shimosaka (back) : -
[Size] : Blade length 13,5 cm (4 sun 4 bu 5 rin), width (blade bottom) : 1,79cm, thickness (blade bottom) : 0,84cm, width (top of blade) 1,83cm, thickness (top of blade) 0,74cm, sori (curve) : - , hole : 1, weight : 120,5g
[Period] : Edo
[Province] : Aizu
[Feature] :

Shape : Ryo-Shinogi, kera-kubi is short and round. Small size Yari.
Nakago : Ubu, long and higaki-yasuri. One hole.
Jitetsu : Ko-itamehada mixed with masame. Jinie attached in fine.

Hamon : Ko-nie based, sugu-ha, gentle notare appeared in the middle of blade.
Boushi : it turns long with midare-kokoro with ko-maru.

The yari which was forged by Shimosaka swordsmith moved from Echizen to Aizu.

[ Highlight ]
Few things were recorded on yari forging. The study has not been developed so far. Masahide Suishinsi, who were fluent on sword forging, he seldom told about yari forging rest a few documents.

The remaining number of yari will become fewer about future. The yari remains ubu status even though it is small in size. It is also attractive old tsuka (holder) is attached.

[ Condition ]
The condition is excellent. Tsuka has some points which lacquer are detached. Saya is excellent, too.
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[Accessories] : Habaki, koshirae(tsuka), shirasaya and shirasaya bag.
[Item Code] : A041012  [Price] : JPY 200,000- -> JPY 160,000- Price down ! (additional shipping cost required)

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