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Kawachi-no-kami Kiyofusa

[ Mei ] (omote) Kawachi-no-kami Kiyofusa
(ura): □□hira satsumanokami ritsugan hounou  □cho jyuikki hinoeuma gogatsu tsuitachi Nomura Seijiro
[ Size] Length 1 shaku 0 sun 7 bu 2 rin (32.5 cm),
Sori : - (0 cm),
Motohaba : 2.69 cm,
Sakihaba : - cm,
Motokasane : 0.66cm,
Sakikasane : - cm,
Mekugi-ana : 1
Weight : 233.5g

[ Period ] Edo, middle. Genroku (1668-)

[ Province ] Owari

[ Feature ]
Form: This is a Ken. Ryo-shinogi-zukuri. Moto and kashira is a little stretch out. Well balanced between width and length.
Nakago: Ubu, yasurime is katte sagari. One hole.
Jigane : Pattern is well forged masame-hada with jinie attached.
Hamon : It is sugu-tone. Nie observed in rich. Fine hotsure and niju-ba mixed. Sunagashi appeared.
Boshi : It hakikake, turns in komaru.

Kiyofusa was worked actively during Genroku period in Owari.
He made his signature "Kawachi-no-kami Fujiwara Kiyofusa", "Bishu Kawachi-no-kami Fujiwara Kiyofusa" as such.

[ Highlight ]
Ura-nenki for ritsugan-hounou and long signature of person's name is very interesting.
Masame with long waved notare and suguha produce old and elegance atmosphere. This is a charming sword.

[ Condition ] Polishing conditions maintain very fine.
There is a tiny masame part looks rough just above habaki, but it does not affect on appreciating.

[ Accessories] Single copper habaki, shirasaya, shirasaya bag and NBTHK Hozon paper (issued on 20th March Heisei 26(2014)).

[ Item Code] A040814 [Price] JPY 430,000- (additional shipping cost required)

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