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Wakizashi in shirasaya
[Meibun] (front) Akitomo saku
[Size] Blade length 32,5cm (1syaku 0sun 6bu), width (blade bottom) : 2,85cm, thickness (blade bottom) : 0.63cm, sori (curve) : 0.3cm (1 bu), Mekugiana(hole) : 1, weight : 264g
[Period] Showa
[Prefecture] Tokyo
[Feature] :
Shape : Hira-zukuri, mitsu-mune. Slant of Mune become sharp around habaki-moto and kissaki. Mihaba(width) and kasane(thickness) are ordinal. With slight curve, Hira-zkuri kowakizashi.
Nakago : ubu, yasurime-sujikai with kesho-yasuri, kurijiri, one hole.
Jitgne : Ko-tamehada with mokume mixed, Well dense, fine jigane.
Hamon : Nioi-deki, notare, gunome-midare. Ashi appeared, in Habuchi kinsuji and sunagashi appeared.
Boushi : it turns komaru with hakikake.

The swordmith Akitomo AKIMOTO was born on 31st March Meiji 43(1910) in Kuroiso town, Tochigi pref. His given name was Shin-ichi. HIs grand father was Zenbei Aizu Kanesada. He joined Japanese sword forging workshop at Akasaka Hikawa-cho in Showa 6 (1931). He learned from Kurihara Hikozaburo Akihide, Kasama Ikkan-sai Shigetsugu and others. He became master of the workshop. Miyairi, Yukihira and Amata, Akitugu were in same forging workshop later. He was accredited swordmith by Imperial Japanese army. After the WW2, he resumed to forge Showa 29 (1954) He contributed a lot in modern sword making and educating younger swordmith. He was awarded many times in SHinsaku- Nihonto exibition

[High light]
Gorgeous sword with tama around monouchi, a lot of hataraki in the hamon and beautiful jitetsu.

Polish was performed partially to keep good condition, to remove the small Hike and rust which bars appreciation. Also finished the cleaning of Shirasaya.
Since it is a healthy short blade in which original edge remains, I recommend you this very nice wakisashi.

[Accessories] : copper plate silver foiled single Habaki, shirasaya and shirasaya bag.
[Item Code] : A031012  [Price] : JPY300,000- (additional shipping cost required) *we can accept the payment by USD. the rate depends at the orded day so that please ask.

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