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Omiyari, in Shirasaya, with Koshirae
Bizen-no-kami Kuniyoshi 

[ Signature ] (omote (front)) : Bizen-no-kami Kuniyoshi

[ Dimension ] Blade length : 52.3cm, Sori : 0cm Moto-haba : 3.16cm, moto-kasane : 1.56cm, mekugi-ana (holes): 2
Blade weight : 662g, S
hirasaya length : 107.2cm, koshirae length :228.5cm

[ Period ] : Middle of Edo around Kanbun (1661~)
[ Province ] Settsu
[ Feature ] : Ryo-shinogi-zukuri, machi expand a little. There is a few difference the width moto and saki. Fine form omiyari. It is round and sourt kera-kubi, combinating squares.

Ubu nakago, yasurime is o-suji-kai. Saki(tip) is kata-agari kurijiri. Two holes.

Jigane has itame-hada. Well grained, jinie attached and chikei appeared.

Hamon has yakidashi short in sugu. Gunome mixed. Nie, sunagashi appeared. Upper half is calm sugu-tone, saki(tip) turns in round.

Kuniyoshi was a swordsmith who actively worked around Kanbun (1661~) in Settsu. He was a pupil of second generation Kawachi-no-kami Kunisuke, who also called as Naka-kawachi.

Attached koshirae is made of wood(oak) finished with clear lacker. Kuchigane and sakawa are made of copper. Ishizuki is in corn shape, made of iron. Tachi-uchi is tightend by rattan. Saya painted in black. The top of sayas are finished in go-hei-gata form both sirasaya and koshirae.

[ Note ] : Omiyari is a king of the yari. It can do not only bayonet, but also scooping, splashing and cutting down due from its bigness. In Edo era, it was also used as family crest equivalent signature in order to show their strength during feudral lord's parades. You can enjoy solemn and magnific style.

[ Condition ] : Already polished. Excellent.

[ Accessory ] : Shirasaya, bag of shirasaya, koshirae and tsunagi.

[ Item number ] A010115
[ Price ] SOLD

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